Astradica was founded in 2009. The band is currently located in Drammen, Norway, originally started as an acoustic solo project by Arild Nyeggen in 2005. But it all started back in 2002, when he left Evenskjer, a small village in the north of Norway, and decided to move to Drammen.



Alongside studying graphic design in Drammen, Arild had a keen interest in art and music. With huge interests in painting, designing and graphics, the passion for music grew further. The meeting with the students Ronny Skumsvoll and Roger Henriksen in Drammen in 2002, who had a lot of the same musical interest and who played in rock bands, as well, gave Arild the motivation and creative driving force he felt he needed, in terms of music.

In 2005 Arild bought a digital multitrack recorder, and began testing the acoustic guitar, the piano and the bass guitar. With the opportunities to record, and working with song projects in a more structured way, the sketches and song ideas got easier created. But he quickly grabbed the electric guitar. Actually he bought his first guitar in 2002, and the passion for classic rock, harder rock and metal, had been there, since he was a kid. Obviously with bands like Thin Lizzy, Motorhead and Iron Maiden, in the record collection, it was a lot of great music to get inspirations from, and of course the cover artworks, were a tremendous source of inspiration.

Years passed and he began to play with several musicians, since he got a spot for Astradica at Union Scene in Drammen, where new rehearsal rooms waited. The chances to get more structure on the project were definitely possible and in 2009 he bought the domain, and the band was officially founded, at least on the paper. Website had to be built, and its first edition of the logo as well.

The band shared rehearsal room with Black Snakes (later, Rat Miller), and White & Surtsey, in “room 213”, which was the room where much of these bands music were created in. Union Scene / G60 became very important that these and other bands could get a chance to flourish creatively and musically. The offer has been and is currently very important for musicians in Drammen and surrounding areas, and means much for Drammen and Union Scene which is known nationally and internationally.

Astradica recorded a few demos, in the years that followed. Airtime on radio stations in the United States, England and the Philippines, became a reality. Good promotion and the right contacts and a little luck, made this possible. The band also got several demos released on compilation albums in the US, although this did not give any big impact, it was a nice experience. It gave more fans and more interactions on the band’s Facebook page and other social media, associated with the band. It turned out to be a long way to the top, or at least a long way. A lot of work on new songs, challenges at home, exploitation of band members, as well as a wish to find a more stable line-up, and during 2012 it became too difficult to continue, although Arild with his enormous courage, nevertheless chose to continue working with music. But there where something missing…



Summer of 2013, he got in touch with drummer Erik Erlandsen, via Facebook. They got good contact and started playing together. Erik had heard several of the demos and got interested in the music. Their music taste, were not so different, even though bands like Anthrax, Avenged Sevenfold, Dream Theater, Megadeth and Metallica, were not unknown, they felt that it was something there, to build on. The first song they made together, was entitled Another Life, a punk rock song, which perhaps was a little outside genre wise, but still had enough attitude, and it worked. The focus was always the good melody, as it had been in the past. Erik and Arild played together for a while, just two of them, until they began testing guitar players and bass players.



The original plan was that Arild should play guitar and sing, but finding the right person to play bass, was not an easy task, so when Stig Arne Berglund, appeared, recommended by Arilds friend, Espen Klausen from the band Few Dollars more. Astradica had found a guitarist, who gave the band the sound they were looking for, and the playing technique the songs needed. The solution became easy. Arild started to play bass guitar and doing the vocals duties, a solution that proved to be better for the band. In the autumn of 2014 they started on what would become their debut album. The process took about two years, and with pre-production and song writing in the rehearsal room, and recording in G60 Studio in the same building, Astradica had produced some songs they certainly could put them self behind and be proud of. New graphic profile with logo and website were also created, to raise it a notch, and in 2016 the record company Phonopal was founded.